Building Engagement:
Are your employees focused on the success of your business? Do they spend their days day-dreaming about the weekend, or are they consumed with finding better ways to get their job done? A fully engaged workforce is rarely an accident. It evolves from thoughtful decisions about work processes and people management. Stone House can help you build and execute a strategy that will improve employee engagement and result in improved performance for your business.

Responsible Empowerment:
In order to get the most from your engaged workforce (and keep them engaged), they must be empowered to act on their desire to see the company succeed. Empowerment is more than just relinquishing control – true empowerment comes when the right people make the right decisions. It includes giving your employees a deep understanding of what makes the business work, and creating policies and processes that improve their effectiveness rather than hinder it. Stone House can help identify gaps in your current structure and help you craft solutions.